Welcome to our Athens Guide, a thoughtfully curated list designed to reveal the essence of this captivating city through the eyes of a local.


Breakfast and coffee

The Morning Bar: Located in the vibrant neighbourhood of Koukaki, Morning Bar is an oasis of contemporary design and cosy ambiance. They offer great coffee and a diverse breakfast menu. Don't leave without trying their burnt cheesecake or cinnamon roll.

Takis: This legendary, family-owned bakery serves freshly baked delights and has a devoted local following. Arrive early, as things here tend to sell out quickly.

Anana Coffee: Anana offers exceptional coffee, wholesome treats, and a very cosy Athenian courtyard. Situated in a convenient central location, it's also a great spot for those looking to work remotely while enjoying their coffee.

Ariston Bakery: When you need a quick snack while exploring the city center, Ariston is your go-to destination. This historic bakery has been serving mouthwatering pies since 1910.



Philos Athens: Housed in a neoclassical building dating back to 1932, Philos Athens is a concept store that exudes charm. The building carries the marks of time, adding to its unique allure and character. Here, you'll find a great selection of brunch dishes, all served in a laid-back and inviting atmosphere.


Adad Books: A favorite among locals, Adad Books is a unique little bookstore and café situated just beyond the bustling city center. They carry a wonderful selection of coffee table books, magazines, and indie publications from across Europe, making it a perfect place to find intriguing gifts. Their coffee and wine choices are equally delightful.

Eclectica Athens: This antiques gallery showcases a wide collection of distinctive items, including handcrafted Greek ceramics, Italian statues, and captivating paintings. Lovely conversations with the owner are a bonus.


Fassianos Museum: Immerse yourself in the diverse artistic world of Alekos Fassianos and be introduced to one of Greece's most celebrated artists.

Carwan Gallery: Situated near the port of Piraeus, the Carwan Gallery is an international design haven that exhibits cutting-edge collectible designs in a remarkable space.


Akra: This restaurant is renowned for its open-fire cooking. With a commitment to zero food waste, the focus here is on grilling, roasting, and smoking, all centered around top-quality ingredients. The ever-changing menu follows the seasons, and don't miss out on their delightful desserts for a well-rounded experience.

Aster: Located in Petralona, Aster offers a warm atmosphere and a menu primarily inspired by Cretan cuisine. With lots of daily specials, this spot emphasizes quality produce and provides a cosy and effortless dining experience. Be sure to book a table in advance.

Feyrouz: For a quick and mouthwatering bite, try Feyrouz, a family-run business that specializes in Levantine street food. Everything here is handmade and fresh. Even if there's a brief wait, the friendly staff and their irresistible lahmacuns will definitely make it worth your while.

Drinks and Wine

Heteroclito: Wine enthusiasts should not miss Heteroclito. The bar has a very inviting atmosphere, and their impressive wine list features several options for Greek natural wines. It's also a perfect spot for people-watching.

Galaxy Bar: Hidden within a central Athenian arcade and in operation for over 50 years, Galaxy Bar has a rare and timeless allure, sculpted by the passage of time. Enjoy their signature dry martinis in this iconic setting. 

Open Air Cinemas

If you happen to visit Athens during the summer, you should experience the beloved Athenian tradition of open-air cinemas. Consider Cine Thiseio, a cult classic located just below the Acropolis, offering an authentic and laid-back summer night experience.


Athens, with its compact and walkable center, invites you to simply roam and uncover its unique character. We encourage you to embrace the spirit of exploration, approach the city with boundless curiosity and enthusiasm, and you will undoubtedly feel inspired.