At Plexida, we focus on creating handcrafted foundation pieces that embody elegance and long-lasting quality. Today, join us as we share with you the wonderful qualities of the various fibers we use, allowing us to offer pure knitwear designed to be handed down to future generations.



Italian kid mohair, a staple in our winter collection, is a gorgeous mix of warmth and versatility. This remarkably lightweight fiber promises coziness year-round, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter with its amazing thermoregulation properties. Mohair not only feels unbelievably soft against the skin but also imparts strength and resilience to our knits. The suppleness and fluidity of the yarn guarantee that each piece hugs you in all the right places, maintaining its shape wear after wear.

With a keen emphasis on the longevity of our creations, our Italian Mohair blend is resistant to creasing, pilling, and felting, making sure that your cherished sweater stays as pristine as new. Lustrous and shiny by nature, mohair adds a sheen similar to silk, enhancing the element of uniqueness in our handcrafted knits.

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Now, let's dive into the world of wool, a timeless and sustainable fiber celebrated for centuries for its exquisite properties. The OEKO-TEX wool blend brings comfort and endurance to our accessory collection, elevating the adaptability of our designs. Hypoallergenic and with excellent insulating abilities, wool breathes and wicks moisture away from the body while remaining odor-resistant.

Its flexible nature ensures that our hand-knitted beanies and turbans feel sublimely gentle on your skin. The added UV resistance adds practicality to our knits, so you can enjoy your accessory in various settings, from outdoor adventures to cozy indoor moments.

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For the warmer months, cotton, a breathable favorite, takes center stage in our spring/summer collection. Our OEKO-TEX-certified 100% cotton and cotton blend contribute to the overall experience of our garments by offering an enduring sense of comfort. The fabric breathes with you, keeping you cool throughout the day. Naturally draping on the body, our cotton knitwear provides a relaxed and effortless look. The durable nature of cotton means that each piece becomes an everyday wardrobe hero, adapting to your lifestyle with ease.Explore the Raffia collection


In our handbag collection, premium Italian viscose raffia has been the star fiber from the beginning. Durable and resilient, raffia not only makes our bags strong enough to carry your everyday essentials but also aligns with our commitment to sustainability. This plant-based, fully biodegradable fiber has a buttery, soft feel, making each bag a delight to touch. Lightweight and flexible, raffia effortlessly evokes a spring and summer mood.

With its subtle luster and exceptional dye-retaining properties, it allows us to curate a refined color palette featuring natural earthy hues and vibrant shades. This pliant fiber, with its rich texture, provides our artisans with creative freedom and the ability to elevate their technique, hand-crocheting accessories with a distinctive organic character that will infuse any outfit with a sun-kissed charm.



The softness of Italian kid mohair, the versatility of the wool blend, the comfort of cotton, and the lightness of viscose raffia not only add to the aesthetic appeal of Plexida’s knitwear but also allow them to be versatile pieces that evolve with you through seasons and moments. By choosing yarns that add depth, texture, and a delightful sensory experience, we create knits that you will be able to enjoy for years to come.